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3D Car Care

3D Car Care - AAT 501 Cutting Compound

Marke: 3D Car Care
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AAT Rubbing Compound is a silicone-free, body-safe polishing paste designed to remove or destroy 1000 abrasive grains, swirls, scratches, water stains, and other imperfections that interfere with the gloss and color of your paint. Formulated using Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), 3D AAT Rubbing Compound removes the aforementioned defects without matting the finish.

AAT Rubbing Compound is a water-based product. This means that the connection can be reactivated with a light water spray. This is a great way to perform an extra pass or two without adding more compound to your buffer path.

The Compound can be applied with any type of polishing machine - rotary or dual action - with a foam, wool or microfiber pads.

The compound is so concentrated that you don't even have to prime your polishing pad. Three drops the size of a dime are more than enough product to polish the entire hood of a small sedan.

Finish after with AAT 502 for the best result!



  • 8.oz = 236,58ml
  • 32.oz = 946,35ml


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