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Fresso - Air Perfume - Snow Pearl 50ml

Marke: Fresso
Verfügbarkeit: Nicht auf Lager

Fresso Exceptional Air Perfume are small glass perfume bottles for your interior. The wooden cap made of wood emphasizes the unique, elegant appearance.

Use Fresso Air Perfumes to immediately enjoy the subtle scents of Fresso. Spray Air Perfume on the floor mats, under the seat or spray the wooden fragrance hanger when it starts to lose its odor (but outside the car).

Prevent the mist from coming on (leather) upholstery or plastic parts.


Available in 5 delicious scents:


  • Dark Delight
  • Gentleman
  • Magnetic Style
  • Snow Pearl
  • Sugar love

Snow Pearl:


A strong combination of citrus fruits in the company of a silky jasmine and ylang ylang flower. Creates a light, enveloping composition that is subtly emphasized and enhanced by woody notes and a hint of vanilla.


Also available as wooden scent hangers.

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