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Angelwax - Angelwash Shampoo 500ml

Marke: Angelwax
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Angelwax Angelwash easily removes dirt on your car. It works efficiently and safely and it is completely self-drying when the car has been hosed down with water. The self-drying aspect of the Angelwax Angelwash prevents stains and water marks


  • Self-drying shampoo
  • PH Neutral
  • Previously applied wax layer is not affected
  • Scratch-free processing


  • Angelwax ANGELWASH has been developed to make the bond between dirt and the paint surface of your vehicle fast, safe and completely self-drying after the vehicle has been rinsed.
  • The sumptuous foam gently cleans even the most delicate clear coat surfaces without scratching and leaves a highly reflective surface after rinsing the vehicle.
  • ANGELWASH encapsulates the dirt to ensure that these particles are safely removed.
  • The biggest advantage of this self-drying Angelwax ANGELWASH is that it ensures that the water evaporates evenly, preventing the leaks and water stains that can occur when a vehicle is dried.



Add two capfuls of Angelwax ANGELWASH to a bucket of clean,
lukewarm water and shake to create a creamy foam. After washing the vehicle, rinse very thoroughly and let the vehicle dry itself.

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