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Work Stuff

Work Stuff - Black Rinse Bucket 20L

Marke: Work Stuff
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The Work Stuff Rinse bucket has a capacity of 20 liters (with scale), a robust finish and a Grit Guard! This is a filter insert that is placed on the bottom of the washing bucket to prevent dirt from coming back up again. In the "2-bucket-washing method" the laundry bucket takes over the part where the dirty washing glove is removed, the dirt accumulates on the floor and the grit protection insert prevents the dirt from swiveling upwards from underneath and returning to the washing glove.
You can also use the washing bucket to take hot water in car washes, to soak the polishing pads that are no longer needed, or something else you might need! It is chemically resistant and has a very sturdy design!

Please note that the bucket comes WITHOUT lid!

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