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Autoglym - Car Glass Polish 325ml

Marke: Autoglym
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A deep cleansing cream for a crystal clear view on the inside and outside.

Car Glass Polish polish is specially formulated to increase visibility through your windshield for a safer ride.

The easy-to-use, deep-cleaning solution removes dirt, grease, wax, nicotine, insects and water stains.

Suitable for use on glass on the inside and outside. If your windows are made of Perspex, acrylic or plastic, it is better to use the Fast Glass Cleaner (Fast Glass).




  1. Shake well and apply to a clean microfiber cloth or polishing sponge.
  2. Apply the polish in a circular motion, making sure the glass is covered with a thin layer. Press harder on stubborn stains.
  3. Allow the layer to dry and then rub with a clean microfibre cloth.
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