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Carchemicals - Nitril Gloves

Marke: Carchemicals
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Solid nitrile gloves size S


Perfect for:


  • Polishing
  • Tar (strong smell, difficult to wash your hands smell remains long)
  • Apply coatings (do not put greasy fingers on the paint)
  • Waxing / buffering
  • Cleaning wheels (iron, strong smell)
  • Tire gels & wax
  • Dispose of after use



Size: S  6/7 Breedte 80mm +/- Lengte 240mm
Size: M 7/8 Breedte 95mm +/- Lengte 240mm
Size: L 8/9 Breedte 110mm +/- Lengte 240mm
Size: XL 9/10 Breedte +110mm +/- Lengte 240mm

Measuring the width: measure the palm excl. Thumb at the knuckles approximately.

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