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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite Classy – Satin Tyre And Rubber Dressing 500ml

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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Classy is a water-resistant, elegant matte/satin rubber and tyre dressing that leaves your tyres looking fresh and new.


A stylish water-based repellent dressing to give your tyres and rubber surfaces a new look satin finish. Classy will also care for your tyres and rubber surfaces! Helping to prevent drying out and cracking. Application of Classy is a quick, easy, and mess-free process.


  • Ensure the tyre is clean and dry
  • Spray approx 2-3 sprays to a waffle tyre applicator
  • Work the product into the tyre wall ensuring even coverage.
  • Classy can also be applied using a brush, spray the product onto the brush and apply to the tyre, again ensuring an even coverage. Do not overapply the product as runs may occur.
  • In the event of runs use a microfibre towel to even out the product before allowing to dry.
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