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Colad - Nitril Handschoenen Zwart Per 60 Stuks

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COLAD Nitrile gloves are black high-quality nitrile gloves that offer optimal protection during both pre-treatment and spraying. These COLAD nitrile gloves are silicone-free and powder-free! Available in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.


COLAD Nitrile gloves are extra thick and strong nitrile gloves so that these nitrile gloves can be used longer.


These new black nitrile gloves offer optimal protection during both pre-treatment and spraying. Thanks to the very high solvent resistance of nitrile, the COLAD Disposable Nitrile Gloves Extra are particularly suitable for working with (water-based) paints and dilution.

Some features of the COLAD Nitrile gloves:

Silicone-free and powder-free: this significantly reduces the risk of possible skin irritations or allergic reactions
Flexible and slightly frayed at the fingertips: this makes it not only comfortable to work with the gloves, but also maintains an optimal grip
The COLAD Nitrile gloves are packed per 60 pieces in a handy dispenser box.


Perfect for:


  • Polishing
  • Tar (strong smell, difficult to wash your hands smell remains long)
  • Apply coatings (do not put greasy fingers on the paint)
  • Waxing / buffering
  • Cleaning wheels (iron, strong smell)
  • Tire gels & wax
  • Dispose of after use!
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