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ValetPro - Concentrated Car Wash 1L

Marke: ValetPro
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Concentrated Car Wash is a simple car shampoo of great quality. It is designed to target dirt and grime on the surface and encapsulate it with lubricating suds so that when you rinse it off the grime falls away easily. With a dilution ratio of 30ml to 5L of water, it’s simply a quick and efficient cleaner of great value.


  1. Dilute 30ml:5L of water in a bucket.
  2. Working from the top, apply to a wet vehicle with a Safe Wash Sponge or Advanced Microfibre Wash.
  3. Wash the entire vehicle.
  4. Rinse off with a pressure washer, working from the top down.
  5. Dry the vehicle using a Drying Towel or BigBoi Blowr.
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