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Autoglym - De-Icer

Marke: Autoglym
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Autoglym De-Icer is a powerful tool with only solvers and ingredients to tackle the frost. This formula allows the prince for some time no influence on your car. Use Autoglym De-Icer to quickly rid your car windows and car locks and ice to keep the frost them. De-Icer is harmless to clothes, rubber and coating.


  • A powerful, anhydrous means containing only solvents and anti-freeze ingredients.
  • Anti-freeze to -50 ° C.
  • Quickly removes frost and ice from windows and locks and prevents refreezing them.
  • Safe when it comes in contact with lacquer, plastic, rubber and metal.
  • Does not contain methanol.
  • Gives no unpleasant air in the car, has pleasant fresh scent.
  • 500ml
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