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GL - Deep Power All Purpose CleaneR

Marke: GL
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Looking for a very powerful degreaser? A multifunctional degreaser that is safe for every surface? Then Deep is the right choice. The unique thing about Deep is the very strong degreasing effect, whereby the product is still extremely mild for any type of surface. The balanced formula ensures that the fat is broken down and can be absorbed by water. This makes the product ideal for degreasing your valuable materials. It has its degreasing effect on the basis of technical ingredients that enter the dirt and loosen the greasy compound there. Hence, it also has excellent cleaning properties.

Deep is the perfect tool for the enthusiast who wants to tackle everything. Whether it concerns cleaning the engine compartment of a car, truck, boat or even the oven in the house… Deep will create the desired result. It is recommended, because the effect is extremely effective, to dilute the product with water in the ratio 1: 1. For the really stubborn caked on dirt, the product can also be used undiluted without any risk.



Spray on the product and then let it take effect. Then rinse with, for example, a high-pressure cleaner.


Note: Product can be worked in with a brush or cloth before rinsing it.

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