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Purestar - Duplex Drying Towel XL

Marke: Purestar
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The Purestar Duplex drying towel is currently the best drying towel available.

This drying towel is manufactured in Korea using the latest microfibre technology. This is a twist pile microfibre towel that is made with a special non-sewing rimless design, which means that unlike many other microfiber drying towels prevents scratching / damaging the paintwork.

This folded dry towel absorbs the double volume of that of an ordinary drying towel. and with a thickness of 2 cm + this is probably the most absorbent drying towel available on the market.


  • 90 x 70 cm
  • Thickness: 2 cm +
  • Material: 100% Korean microfiber
  • Color: anthracite gray



  • Wash with a microfibre wash detergent
  • Not in the dryer
  • Can always give off color in the wash!
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