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Angelwax - Enigma Interno 500ml

Marke: Angelwax
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Angelwax Enigma Interno is a hydorphobic fluid for the interior of your vehicle, perfect for use on the plastic, vinyl and rubber parts. The formula of this product is based on the latest ceramic nano technology for high durability.The interior spray ensures that dust does not accumulate on the treated surface and also gives a beautiful appearance with UV protection.
The ceramic protection of Angelwax Enigma Interno ensures that discoloration due to UV is prevented.


  • Ceramic particles
  • Suitable for the interior
  • Great resistance to stains

Instructions for use on plastic:


  1. Spray the product on a microfiber applicator
  2. Spread product thinly and evenly on the surface
  3. Rub the surface with a cloth
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