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IGL Coatings

IGL Coatings - F4-Finishing Polish

Marke: IGL Coatings
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Ecoshine AIO f4 is a nanotechnology based paintwork rejuvenator and resistant ceramic infused sealant with zero abrasive. With just one process AIO f4 is able to remove paint contamination, oxidation, road dirt, tar, oil, dead insects, brake dust and much more. The result is a surface with brilliant shine and lustre without the need for intensive polishing. Ecoshine AIO f4 can be used on both wet or dry surfaces. The protection performance can be boosted further by mixing Ecocoat Premier.

Ecoshine AIO f4 does not replace of paint correction and is not recommended to be used as a primer before applicaton of coatings.

Size :


  • 300gr.
  • 1kg
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