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Autobrite - Fabri-Clean 1L

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Autobrite Fabri-clean is an effective anti-microbial cleaner for convertible roofs, safe for regular use without removing the existing protection.

Autobrite Fabri-Clean is an antimicrobial cleaner with a special mix of water softeners and detergents to gently lift and remove dirt and deposits.
Due to its pH-neutral formula, it is suitable for all fabrics with a soft top and this product can be used regularly if necessary without removing the existing protection from the soft top.

Regular cleaning of convertible roofs / soft tops is recommended to keep algae, lichens and fungi at bay and thus retain that new look and color for longer!
Autobrite Fabri-Clean antimicrobial formula gently yet effectively lifts, emulsifies and removes dirt and grime deep within the fibers, while successfully destroying the bacteria that cause unsightly algae, fungi and lichens.
Supplied with a gray chemical resistant trigger.


  • Ph neutral
  • Protects against microbial regrowth
  • Not harmful to existing pollution
  • Easy to use
  • 1000ml
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