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Vertool - Forced Polisher

Marke: Vertool
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The Vertool Force Drive polisher is driven by gears, this machine offers the safety of a dual action polisher but the cutting of a rotary machine.

Unlike the standard dual action polishers, the Vertool Force Drive actually transmits the vibrations via the motor, which means no force
loss on the surface to be polished. But at the same time, the Vertool Force Drive maintains the safety and usability of a dual action polisher.
The lower rotational speed means that heat is not created that fast and that the chance of making holograms is a lot less.

The Vertool Force Drive is equipped with 2 backing plates, both 125 mm and 150 mm, which means that various pads can be used.

The Vertool Force Drive also comes in a high-quality canvas carrier bag.



  • 1200W
  • 125-150 mm backingplates
  • No-load speed 160-480 RPM
  • Speed 3200-9600 RPM
  • 8mm rash
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