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Kamikaze Collection

Kamikaze Collection - Hagakure Wash Sponge

Marke: Kamikaze Collection
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Made using the highest grade polyurethane, Kamikaze's latest version of the Hagikure provides the ultimate wash sponge solution. Using an innovative design which helps prevent wash-induced swirl marks, the sponge is presented with an incredibly soft quality and comes in an all-new grey colour to enable greater visibility of any dirt accumulated.


The shape of the sponge, which includes laser cuts to the surface, has been engineered to be extra effective at targeting dirt safely. Featuring an increased thickness and size which allows a more comfortable user experience, it will also help to ensure surface pressure does not need to be too high.


Features & Benefits:


  • Ultra-soft & delicate on paintwork

  • Helps prevent wash-induced swirl marks

  • New grey colour to enable greater visibility of dirt

  • Dimensions: 22cm x 14cm

  • Material: Compressed polyurethane

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