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Purestar - High Density Glass Towel

Marke: Purestar
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The PURESTAR glass towel with high density is a special cloth designed to leave a streak-free finish on all windows.

The purestar glass towel is made of a tightly woven knit and is designed to be non-abrasive, lint-free and streak-free.

You can use the Purestar glass towel wet or dry, with or without chemicals. These towels are ideal for cleaning oil, fingerprints, stains, smears and dust from delicate surfaces.

Thanks to their ultra-fine texture, the Puretar glass towel is safe to use on windows, mirrors and even touchscreens.

Can be machine washed and can be reused hundreds of times.


  • Gray towel of 20 "x 16" (50 cm x 40 cm).
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