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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - Leather Cleanse - Superior leather cleaner 500ml

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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Cleanse is a safe, pH neutral Leather cleaner that removes dirt, grime, makeup, mud, clothing stains, milk, oil, jam, sticky sweets from your delicate Leather surfaces. Cleanse is a powerful, yet gentle cleaner that will tackle the most stubborn, ingrained dirt from the surface leaving a lovely Leather fragrance. Cleanse is ideal and safe to be used on all leather surfaces which include all modern & vintage delicate leather surfaces. Cleanse quickly penetrates into the leather surface and removes ingrained dirt and grime effectively & safely from the surface. 


  • Superior Leather cleaner that cleans and smells great

  • Suitable for all leather surfaces including car and house leather seats

  • Cleans and removes a multitude of stains

  • Simply apply onto a clean microfibre and wipe

  • Powerful and safe PH Neutral leather cleanser

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