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Rupes Bigfoot

Rupes - LHR75E Mini Deluxe

Marke: Rupes Bigfoot
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Lieferzeit: 3-5 days

The Rupes LHR75E mini deluxe is the machine for the small parts where one can not reach with a larger bigfoot, think here for example the sills, bumpers or small surfaces such as a motorcycle or rims.


The LHR75 mini, or the Bigfoot mini, is a machine that has two functions namely light sanding and polishing and is the smallest in the Big Foot family. Due to its 12mm rash, sanding can be done in combination with the Rupes XCUT abrasive material. In addition, on the LHR75, Big Foot mini, the polishing pad of 75 mm diameter, light (P3000) sanding scratches can be polished away. The 75mm pad is ideal for smaller surfaces such as spraying zones


For both the professional and the hobbyist, this is a perfect machine with maximum grip thanks to the rubber strips.


This 400 watt small powerful machine is actually indispensable in your arsenal.


The deluxe comes as a complete package to start immediately.


This package consists of:


  • LHR75E Mini
  • Big Foot Soft Tool Bag
  • Rupes Apron
  • Zephir Coarse Compound 250ml
  • Keramik Fine Compound 250ml
  • 2x Coarse Polishing pad 80 / 100mm
  • 2x Fine Polishing pad 80 / 100mm
  • Microfibre cloths 4-pack
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