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LARS - Magic Wax 100 gram

Marke: Lars
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The Wax Magic is a durable and effective wax with Carnauba extract. The durable HDG polymer prolongs the life of the wax and makes the wax resistant to chemical cleaning agents. This wax can be used on any kind of lacquer layer. Thanks to the improved formula, this lacquer dries very quickly and this wax is easy to apply. Dab a small amount of wax onto a microfiber cloth and apply the wax to the surface to be treated. The canvas in combination with the Wax Magic creates a polished effect! The wax will amaze you, the depth in the paint and the water-repellent effect are characteristic of this great product. Due to the absorbency of UV radiation, this wax counteracts aging of the paint layer. Apply the wax and enjoy the overwhelming mirror effect!




  1. Wash the car thoroughly!
  2. Polishing if necessary!
  3. Use a prep so that the paint is clean.
  4. Apply a small amount of wax to a microfibre cloth or wax applicator.
  5. Rub the wax in by circulating movements
  6. Then rub away the excess wax with a dry cloth, do not need a cure time!


  • Content: 100 grams
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