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Autobrite - Magifoam 5L + Lance

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Our industry leading, award winning and globally loved "Snow Foam Lance" is only £34 and includes 500ml of our equally awesome "Magifoam Pre-Wash Snow Foam". A match made in car-care heaven!

This ULTIMATE pre-wash & snow foam duo will massively reduce the risk of swirls & scratches by removing excess dirt, salt, grease and traffic film prior to a contact wash. The AD foam lance is highly regarded and very often referred to as the BEST foam lance in the world due to its build quality, durability and performance and many competitors have tried and failed to re-create its unique, exclusive, superior design and build.

  • Connectors to fit the vast majority of branded pressure washers. 
  • Easily self-serviceable to ensure it lasts for years to come. 
  • Magifoam offers a very high foaming, superior & safe cleaning action. 
  • LSP safe, biodegradable & extremely economical to use. 
  • Will dwell on the car's surface for up to 30 minutes. 
  • Has a lovely Cherry scent and leaves a great finish too.


Excl. 5L pump!

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