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Meguiar`s - Foam & Wash

Marke: Meguiar’s
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Specially developed for coated, waxed or sealed surfaces. Ultimate Snow Foam cleans without affecting the existing protective layer. The active foam sticks to the paint, gently soaks the dirt off, so that lightly soiled cars are completely cleaned with a high-pressure sprayer. For heavily soiled cars it is the ideal pre-wash but also the perfect lubrication for a safe wash with a Wash Mitt (1892ml)


Ultimate Wash & Wax is a very complete shampoo with Carnauba and synthetic polymer technology that provides a deep wet look shine. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax releases a protective wax layer during washing (1420ml)


The Mike O'Fiber 'Want to Wash' basic wash mitt is a great tool for safe, scratch-free vehicle washing. This washmitt is made from the best microfibers. Dirt particles are well absorbed in the wash mitt so that they are safely removed from the paint instead of being rubbed over the paint. This will help prevent wax scratches and swirls during the washing process.


The Mike O'Fiber Fibes & Stripes XL combines the best of both worlds in this unique drying towel. The striking design ensures an ultra soft towel and great water absorption, making it the ideal towel.

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