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Rupes Bigfoot

Rupes BigFoot - Mille LK 900E Gear Driven Dual Action Polisher DLX Kit

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RUPES LK900 BigFoot Mille polisher is the new Dual Action Polisher from Rupes. RUPES LK900 polishing machine is a direct driven, Gear Driven Dual Action Polisher: a forced eccentric polisher and developed to bridge the gap between the rotating and the orbital polishers. In contrast to the eccentric BigFoot LHR polishing machines where the rotating movement is not driven by the motor, that is the case with BigFoot Mille. The RUPES BigFoot Mille offers an optimal balance between power and ergonomics! Powerful defect removal, versatility and consistent performance. This makes the RUPES LK900E a planetary polisher that has a powerful engine with a relatively low number of revolutions. Despite its powerful 900-watt motor, this machine is quiet, vibration-free and quiet for polishing.


Why buy the RUPES LK900E Mille polisher?


You may wonder why you would buy the RUPES LK900 planetary polisher? This machine differs from the other BigFoot polishers, because this machine is a direct driven polishing machine. The planetary movement creates more heat during polishing, but the machine also has a result during polishing. This allows you to remove deeper scratches and lacquer defects from the varnish than eccentric polishing machines, but the eccentric rash does not create any holograms in the paint or burn the paint.


The BigFoot Mille can polish more powerfully but is still safe enough so that the paint can not burn.
The support plate rotates clockwise for quick removal of lacquer defects, ease of use and consistent performance.
Equipped with a high torque motor, compact design, premium ergonomics and lightweight housing
Equipped with a specially designed RUPES motor that rotates clockwise for increased control and comfort.
The machine comes with an extra long 9 meter cable so you can work more efficiently around the car and the use of a hose reel is not necessary.
The speed controller is electronically controlled so that the speed is always the same if more pressure is exerted on the machine. Large numbers and clearly perceptible "clicks" make operating the BigFoot Mille even easier. The switch is speed sensitive which means that half-pressing the switch also gives half the power of the corresponding speed controller.
With the progessive switch it is possible to very gradually increase the number of revolutions so that more precise work can be done.
The switch is, as it were, a gas pedal!
Equipped with rubber blocks on the machine so that it can be safely placed upside down without damaging the machine. Especially for the critical detailers who want to keep their equipment tidy, that is a must!
The machine comes standard with a 125mm support plate but other support discs (for example 150mm) with an M14 connection also fit this machine.

Content of the DLX package:


1x RUPES BigFoot Mille LK900E with 125mm support pad
1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Blue Coarse Polish 250ml
1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Yellow Fine Polish 250ml
1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Blue Wool Polishing Pad Coarse 150mm
1x RUPES Big Foot Mille Yellow Wool Polishing Pad Medium 150mm
1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Blue Foam Cutting Pad Coarse 150mm
1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Yellow Foam Finishing Pad Fine 150mm
4x RUPES microfibre cloths
1x RUPES R808 Protective Sealant 500ml
1x RUPES Bigfoot Claw Pad Tool
1x RUPES BigFoot Mille Bag

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