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AutoGlanz - Moonschine High Alcohol Glass Cleaner

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If you’re anything like us, the finishing touches when you’re carrying out a detail could not be more important. When it comes to glass you need Moonshine, a high alcohol glass cleaner which will supply that streak free, crystal clear glass that is easy to achieve every time, without fail.


If you’re looking for the holy grail of flawless glass then your long search may be over, Moonshine is the the ultimate in streak free high alcohol glass cleaner. AutoGlanz Moonshine is a streak free car glass cleaner, formulated from over 12 months development and research into glass cleaning. The refined blend of highly concentrated, mild distilled solvents make easy work of cutting through even the thickest of contamination, grease and fingerprints. The high alcohol content means any residue quickly flashes away to leave any glass surface with the ultimate streak free finish. This combination of advanced solvents and quick flash offers a major advantage over conventional detergent based glass cleaners and results in a car glass cleaner that is effortless to work with. 

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