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Kamikaze Collection

Kamikaze Collection - No.1 Anti-Aging Shampoo 250ml

Marke: Kamikaze Collection
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Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Shampoo contains only surfactants that produce a luxurious foam to gently lift contamination away from the surface of the vehicle.

Many shampoos contain additives which can be difficult to rinse away, leaving residues on the panel of the vehicle. These residues interfere with the water-repelling properties of nano sealants, inhibiting their function and performance. As a result, dirt and waterborne contamination adhere to the surface, reducing the efficacy of the nano sealant.

Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Shampoo has been formulated with these challenges in mind. Instead of clogging the pores of the nano-coating layer, Anti-Aging Shampoo lifts out dirt. Using a chemical reaction, Anti-Aging Shampoo restores the water beading function, removing inorganic contamination and even eliminating existing water spot marks.


Features & Benefits:


  • Maintenance shampoo designed to work with all ceramic coatings and hybrid waxes
  • Ultra foaming properties to remove dirt, grime, etc
  • Does not contain additives that leave residues (which impede water beading)
  • Actively revives the hydrophobic function of existing ceramic coatings
  • Removes inorganic contamination from paintwork


Directions for Use:


  • Mix 2-3 cap's worth of Anti-Aging Shampoo into a 20-litre bucket
  • Fill the bucket about 2/3rds full with clean water


For use through a foam lance, mix Anti-Aging Shampoo in your lance reservoir at a ratio of roughly 1 part soap to 5 parts water. This will produce enough foam solution for around 2-3 full washes.


Anti-Aging Shampoo is designed to be used as part 1 of Kamikaze Collection's wash maintenance process as listed below:


  • No 1 Washing = Anti-Aging Shampoo
  • No 2 Reaction = Water Spot Remover
  • No 3 Protection = Overcoat
  • No 4 Treatment = Anti-Aging Treatment
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