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AutoGlanz - Paradox Auto Wax

Marke: AutoGlanz
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Typically, high quality carnauba car waxes tend to come at a price! We all see it, stupidly high price tags. What are we paying for with these prices? The brand name, maybe years of development or even rare ingredients? Your guess is as good as ours. So what makes it the best car wax?

Here at AG, as I'm sure you now are aware, we like to do things a little different, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality car care products at the most affordable prices. Paradox is no exception to this philosophy. I our eyes, the best car wax available on a budget!

Containing 32% carnauba wax content, advanced solvent content lowering compounds and cutting edge gloss enhancers that really do make your paint glow we think its fair to say Paradox does not gain its low price tag from containing lesser ingredients. So how can we offer such a great wax at such a low retail price? Planning! We specifically developed Paradox for this purpose, buying ingredients from the best suppliers, in bulk. We manufacture Paradox in large volumes, virtually eliminating the man hours needed to manufacture such a product. Packaging is quite often a high cost with a quality wax, so with Paradox we thought it best to keep this to a minimum, after all you can not apply a wax pot itself to your car can you? Labels are all printed in house simply to do a job, which is to inform you of application & safety aspects and to make the product identifiable and not to look pretty.

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