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Ultramar - Plastic Window Cleaner-Protect 400ml

Marke: Ultramar
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Plastic Window Cleaner & Protector restores the clarity and shine of clear plastic in seconds. In 1 quick simple treatment. Removes dirt and makes small scratches less visible. Improves visibility in rainy weather. Restores the clarity and shine of clear plastic in seconds.

It cleans and protects in 1 simple treatment. It removes insects, black deposits, oxidation, lime and salt. It is perfect for clear plastic windows in a motorhome, caravan, tent or boat cover. It is perfect for the visor of your helmet. It makes small scratches less visible. It improves visibility in rainy weather. It protects against dirt, water and scale. It contains no abrasive, no silicone and does not stick. It has an anti-static effect. It is safe for almost all plastics. Does not need to be diluted. 400ml = 25 to 40 m². Ideal for the clear plastic of: aircraft, boat, motorcycle, caravan, convertible, display, headlights, goggles

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