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Ultramar - Pvc Party Tent Cleaner 1L

Marke: Ultramar
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PVC Party Tent Cleaner is biodegradable. This strong cleaning agent cleans every party tent and stretch tent. Especially suitable for PVC and PE. It removes dirt, such as black deposits, grease, oil, grass, nicotine. Highly concentrated. Can be diluted as desired!


PLEASE NOTE: this product is supplied without a sprayer, order it separately!


  • Your party tent is dirty and needs to be cleaned thoroughly?
  • This is no problem with this strong cleaning agent.
  • It removes dirt such as black deposits, rain streaks, grease, oil, grass, nicotine.
  • It is biodegradable so safe to use anywhere.
  • This party tent cleaner has been specially developed by Ultramar.

Suitable for:


  • PVC Party tent
  • Stretch tent
  • Pagoda tent
  • Party tent
  • Folding tent
  • Marquee
  • Star tent
  • Storage tent
  • Porch sail

PVC Marquee Cleaner is highly concentrated. Can be diluted as desired. Dilution depends on the nature and degree of contamination. Heavy pollution = use undiluted. Mild pollution = dilute with water up to 1:30.


  1. Apply with a sponge, mop, brush or spray.
  2. Brush off the dirt well.
  3. Leave to act for about 10 minutes.
  4. Do not let it dry.
  5. Then rinse with plenty of water.
  6. Repeat the treatment if necessary
  7. Stubborn stains can be removed with Ultramar Power Cleaner!
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