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Gyeon - Q² Pure 30ml

Marke: Gyeon
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Q² Pure brings the appearance of the paintwork to a new level, delivering pure candy gloss. Its thick formulation requires only one layer, making the application process quick and user-friendly.


Q² Pure and it’s simple, one layer application, makes it the technologically advanced and chemical resistant alternative for natural and synthetic protective products. It is a highly advanced product based on silicon dioxide (SiO2), which only requires a similar amount of technique and effort as a natural car wax to apply, even for an enthusiast. The Q² Pure kit includes an ergonomic applicator, which allows fast and effective application of the product.


Q² Pure has it’s own, specific application technique divided into 3 steps: application, levelling and wipe off. This method ensures you will get a perfect finish and easy wipe off. TIP: The application and wipe off time depends on humidity and temperature. The higher these factors are, the quicker you have to act. Prepare various towels, start with the Q²M SoftWipe and continue with Q²M BaldWipe to finish with Q²M Suede. Use a minimum of 5 towels for an average car.


Box contains:Q² Pure 30ml & Q²M Cure 100Ml / Manual / Applicator / 4 Suede Cloths
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