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Gyeon - Q²M Leatherset – Strong

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The Q²M LeatherSet Strong contains everything you need to perfectly clean a heavily soiled leather interior. Complete with Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong, Q² LeatherCoat, Q²M MF Applicator, Q²M LeatherBrush and a microfiber cloth.


With the powerful Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong, the leather becomes rough and matte again, like from the factory. The foam dispenser ensures more effective and easier processing of the product and is the ideal preparation for any Gyeon Quartz leather coating.

In addition, this cleaner is also suitable for plastic parts in the interior. Leaves no residue and contains no plasticizers.


Q² LeatherCoat is the world's first leather protection based on SiO2! Q² LeatherCoat offers lasting protection against moisture, dirt, UV radiation and most importantly: friction!

Q² LeatherCoat is not an oil-based protection that can feel greasy, but a protective layer is applied to the leather. The matt look is preserved and the color becomes more intense.


Tip: Always use multiple microfiber cloths. After cleaning, always wipe with a damp microfibre cloth to properly remove all dirt.


The complete set for cleaning heavily soiled leather interiors:


  • Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong 200ml.
  • Q² LeatherCoat 120ml.
  • Q²M LeatherBrush.
  • Q²M MF Applicator.
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Enough for 2-3 cars.
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