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Gyeon - Q²M Preserve 250ml

Marke: Gyeon
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Q²M Preserve is a simple and quick solution to restore lightly weathered moldings, rubbers and plastic parts. The Q²M Preserve protects against dirt, has anti-static ingredients and protects against UV radiation and all this combined in one product.

A matte finish gives the best result for all interior surfaces and the Q²M Preserve offers this neutral finish. The Q²M Preserve creates a transparent layer that does not change the appearance of the plastic parts. It simply adds a layer that ensures that the moldings, rubbers and plastic parts look like they came from the factory.




  1. Clean the plastic parts with the Q²M Vinyl Cleaner.
  2. Apply a reasonable amount of the Q2M Preserve evenly on the surface with an applicator.
  3. If the surface becomes too smooth, the surplus product can be wiped off with a microfiber cloth after a few minutes.
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