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CleanTech Co.

Cleantech Co. - Red DeWheel 1L

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Red DeWheel is a pH-neutral wheel cleaner and iron remover that works quickly and effectively on contaminated wheels.

The gel formula ensures that the product drips less quickly from the rims and can therefore act longer on dirt and iron particles, so that even old and ingrained brake dust can be removed. The product is safe for any type of rim and can also be used without problems on the body.

The liquid turns red / purple when it comes in contact with iron particles.




  • Spray the product generously on the rims
  • Leave it on the dirt for 1-2 minutes
  • Rinse the wheels thoroughly with plenty of water, under high pressure
  • Tip: work the product after 1-2 minutes with a brush for an even better result


Do not use on hot rims or in direct sunlight and do not allow it to dry.

pH: 7

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