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Angelwax - Regenerate Medium Cut 500ml

Marke: Angelwax
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The Regenerate Polish from Angelwax is a medium-coarse polish from the range of polish pastes from ANGELWAX.


  • Step 2 in the maintenance system
  • Removes and corrects medium to heavy scratches, imperfections, swirls and tarnishes
  • Applicable to all types of paint
  • Does not dust

Regenerate Polish - Medium:

Regenerate Polishing Agent from Angelwas is a medium-coarse polish from the range of polishing pastes from ANGELWAX. It is a medium coarse polish that removes scratches, holorgrams, swirls and polisher twists. In addition, this medium polish has a corrective effect that restores dull paint.


Correcting Paint and Removing Swirls:

Regenerate Polish - Medium is ideally suited for removing and correcting medium to heavy scratches, irregularities, swirls and damage to the paint. It is virtually dust-free. Regenerate works very economically and thanks to the Angelwax specially developed abrasive technology you can very quickly and effectively correct any paint without using masking oils. This unique polishing agent can be used on all types of paint and removes sanding scratches up to grit 2500.

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