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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - Renew One step enhancement polish 500ml

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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If you are looking for a single product to correct, fill and protect, look no further! Renew has very fine abrasives to help eliminate swirls, fillers to mask swirls (when used by hand) and carnauba wax to help protect your rejuvenated paintwork. It will Renew your paint, and your love for your car.

How To Use (by hand):


Apply a few small drops to your applicator pad, and work in small circles using firm pressure
Work until Renew changes consistency
Buff with a plush microfibre cloth

How To Use (by machine):

Apply a few small drops to your applicator pad, and work at low/medium speed on a rotary, medium/high on a DA 
Work until Renew clears
Buff using a plush microfibre cloth


  • Mask & fill swirls and minor defects

  • Remove swirls when used via machine

  • Add wax protection

  • Rejuvenate tired paintwork

  • 500ml bottle

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