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Innovacar – S2 Foamy 100ml

Marke: Innovacar
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S2 is the world's first foam shampoo for detailers for deep enzyme cleaning (Patent No. 14730984.3).

S2 dissolves stubborn, organic dirt and thanks to the enzymes that can react several times on the same dirt layer (for example a layer of soil), a smaller amount of S2 ensures a strong and thorough * cleaning, so that the previously applied or yet to be applied protective layers stay longer .

The unique neutral function creates a foam that lasts on the body for a long time, removing dirt easily without damaging the surface treated with a coating.

S2 guarantees safety for delicate parts of the car as it contains no sodium hydroxide and also contains plant-based ingredients to reduce stress cracking of plastic material.

The formula contains no phosphorus, EDTA, NTA.

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