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CleanTech Co.

Cleantech Co. - Shot Foam Fabric Cleaner 500ml

Marke: CleanTech Co.
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Shot Foam is a safe textile cleaner that has been developed for use in extraction machines. However, it can also be used for manual cleaning of fabrics or suede upholstery.

The formula makes it possible to remove the most stubborn dirt without leaving marks or discolorations. The highlight of the day comes when you have finished cleaning and can enjoy a clean and nice-smelling interior.

The strong concentration of the product ensures a very high return at a competitive price.
(500 ml of concentrate makes up to 10 liters of usable product)

Shot Foam has a delicious cherry scent.





  • 1: 8 - 1:10, foamer
  • 1:10 - 1:20 extraction machine
  • 1: 0 - 1:20 manual cleaning


Do not use on leather upholstery


pH: 11

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