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Innovacar – Sp1 Prewash 100ml

Marke: Innovacar
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SP1 is the most qualitative formula foam cleaner we've ever developed and is the world's first enzyme-based prewash for deep cleaners detailers (patent no. 14730984.3).

SP1 removes even the most stubborn organic dirt and thanks to the enzymes that can act multiple times on the same molecules - dirt substrate (eg a layer of soil), a small amount of SP1 guarantees excellent and thorough cleaning *, allowing the previously applied or even layers of protection last longer.

The unique formula easily removes all kinds of contamination including insects, oil and grease without mechanical action and without damage to coated surfaces. Despite having a pH of 11.50, this product is safe on delicate auto parts due to the absence of sodium hydroxide and the use of vegetable surfactants, which reduce "stress cracks" on plastic materials. The formula is phosphorus, EDTA and NTA free.

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