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3D Car Care

3D Car Care - Speed Dressing 16 oz.

Marke: 3D Car Care
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3D Speed ​​Dressing helps your tires and rubber surfaces to regain their original beauty. This formula is designed to provide a high-gloss shine, all without being greasy. Instead, 3D Speed ​​Dressing dries to a non-sticky, smooth, deep, dark and glossy finish.


This product is easy to use and requires only a few steps. Since 3D Speed ​​Dressing is a very thick formula containing silicone, it is best to apply 3D Speed ​​Dressing with a brush or foam applicator. Once on the applicator or brush, simply spread in an even layer over the surface. You don't have to worry about the product flying to other parts of your vehicle as this product does not swing. Plus, 3D Speed ​​Dressing doesn't attract dust, so your rubber tires and upholstery can look like new for longer.




  • For best tire performance, clean with 3D Yellow Degreaser.
  • As this is a thick formula, it is recommended to apply the dressing on an applicator or with a brush.
  • Apply to desired surface.
  • For long lasting "high shine" on tires, DO NOT dilute.
  • This product dries to a non-sticky, smooth, glossy finish that prevents dirt build-up.
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