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Gliptone Leather Care

Gliptone - Liquid Leather GT16 Textile & Leather Protector 500ml

Marke: Gliptone Leather Care
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GT16 Leather, Nubuck & Textile Protector gives protection against spillages and dirt on specialist leathers such as suede, nubuck and aniline, allowing time to wipe them up. Apply two thin coats to the facings of a new suite and one thin coat to the sides and back if required. Retreat seating areas every six months. Two cans should be enough to treat a large five-seater suite. GT16 Textile & Leather Protector can also be used as a spray on dressing to protect clothing, boots, bags and cases.


Pure Aniline: Because the dyes in pure aniline leather are not colourfast, we do not offer a “foolproof” cleaning product. Pure aniline leather can often look worse after cleaning than before, and whilst some companies do offer cleaners for pure aniline, we’ve been made aware of many destructive results.


Please note, contains flammable liquids and this bottle is pressurized. not in the sun, be careful with fire and do not smoke!

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