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Autoglym - Ultimate Screenwash Concentraat 1:16 500ml

Marke: Autoglym
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A highly concentrated formula that, when used undiluted, remains effective and does not freeze to -45 ° C

A properly functioning windshield washer fluid guarantees a clear windshield in all weather and driving conditions. Ultimate Windshield Washer Fluid (Ultimate Screenwash) is the perfect choice for all types of washer including headlamp washer. It removes all common contaminants and does not freeze to -45 ° C.

The bottle seems small but 500 ml is enough to make 8 liters of windshield washer fluid to easily remove street dirt, dead insects and everything that gets on your windshield.

In winter, the dilution can be adjusted to the falling temperatures, while maintaining the cleaning properties.

Suitable for all types of nozzles, but also for headlamp nozzles, and safe for paint and trim.




Dilution °C
Maximum dilution 1:9 -3°C
Winter * 1:4 -6°C
strong winter ** 1:2 -14°C
Extreme winter *** 1:1 -25°C
**** 1:0 -45°C


Optimal cleaning is recommended for best performance in summer and spring, or fall at temperatures above -3 ° C.

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