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Carpro - Ultracut Extreme Cut Compound 250ml

Marke: CarPro
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Ultracut Extreme Cut Compound is one of the most versatile cutting compounds you have ever used and is suitable for all paint defects. You can adjust the polishing power of this cutting compound by varying pads and arm speeds. Ultracut contains a mix of fully biodegradable (diminishing) polishing grains that can remove heavy defects and still leave a minimal haze on the paint. CarPro Ultracut can be combined with different cutting pads such as wool, flash pads or microfiber pads for an extremely effective and efficient removal of paint defects.

Ultracut works great with both rotary, gear driven and DA polishers, gives little dust and has sufficient "lubrication" that ensures that the compound can be fully worked through so that the abrasives can do their job and break down completely. This means there is less marring or holograms when used with a rotary.



  • Extreme cutting power
  • Very little dust
  • Can be used on hard and soft paints
  • To be used with DA, Rotary and Gear driven polishing machines
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