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AutoBrite Direct

AutoBrite - Ultraslick Polymer Slick Paint Sealant 250ml

Marke: AutoBrite Direct
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A new polymer Ultraslick paint sealant that gives you a superior, ultraslick and gloss finish to all paint surfaces, glass, chrome, and plastics. The ultimate in paint finishes, very economical and effective and as always with a Autobrite Direct product so so easy to use and i almost will stretch to say it being - Idiot proof!

Ultraslick seal is a ultimate slick glass like polymer paint sealant from autobrite direct that gives you a durable & glorious shine and gloss. in seconds. A ultimate crystal paint sealant that has no cleaning or filling capabilities, a pure liquid hyper gloss paint sealant that is so easy to use. It forms a crystal barrier protection on the paint surface due to the modern technology of cross-linked polymers to protect the car from all the elements such as UV and frost. it really adds that ultimate protection Ultraslick seal is the last stage protection needed for your car. For best results prep the car with decontaminate with purple rain and then clay. Ultraslick will not streak, smear or cake up when applied. Just a thin layer is all you need to leave a high gloss shine and a durable coating. A truly pure glass like slick sealant that will sit under almost any wax or protection.  

Ultraslick is applied very thin and will not streak or leave any residue. Just apply to the paint surface and lightly wipe and admire your stunning results. A last step protection sealant that can give up to 3-5 months durability (depending on your prep).

  • Polymer crosslinked technology 
  • Superior slick gloss finish
  • Ideal for paint, glass and trim
  • So quick, easy to use
  • Durable and stunning looks
  • Forms a crystal barrier
  • Will not streak
  • 250ML Spray bottle
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