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The Car Parfum

The Car Parfum - Variety Box 6 Pack

Marke: The Car Parfum
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The Car Perfume Variance Box, which contains all 6 scents in one box. With bottles of 15 ML, this is the most pleasant and simple way to get acquainted with new car perfumes in the car. Also nice to give as a gift for enthusiasts. Easy to order and delivered quickly.


Advice: spray 3 or 4 times on your floor mat in the front or back. If you want to enjoy the fragrance in the car more intensively, you can of course spray more often.


Car perfumes are not harmful to the ventilation system of your car



  • No. 1 Paul
  • No. 2 Fierce
  • No. 3 Million
  • No.4 Apple
  • No. 5 Fresh Cotton
  • No. 6 Ocean
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