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GL - Vision Glass Cleaner

Marke: GL
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Specially developed for the automotive industry. Easily and quickly removes grease, dirt and other contamination. The strength of Vision is the strong cleaning power and the streak-free result. Whether it concerns the outside or the inside of the window: Vision ensures a crystal clear window without smears and stripes. This powerful glass cleaner is based on Isopropanol and a balanced mix of detergents and thus saves time. Vision is safe for window rubbers and trims.



Spray the product on the window or directly on a microfibre cloth. Preferably process the product with a glass cloth. Note:choose the right amount of product: too much product takes more time to process, too little product results in a stiff processing of the cloth and does not absorb enough dirt. For stubborn dirt, use a larger amount of Vision on a microfibre cloth and then polish with a small amount of Vision on a glass cloth.

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