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VooDoo Ride - Polish Pack

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A beautiful polishing package from VooDoo Ride, packed in a beautiful VooDoo Ride bag € 5.95


Voodoo Ride Scratch Remover € 6.95



For all colors and all types of paint also clear-coat.

Exception: not to be used on matt lacquer / paint.


  • Always do a test beforehand in a discrete place to view the result.
  • Clean the surface to be treated before.
  • Apply a small amount of product to a soft, preferably microfibre cloth (Voodoo Ride® X-tra).
  • Polish the surface to be treated in small parts with rotating movements.
  • Remove any leftovers with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the treatment if necessary.
  • Exception: Do not use on untreated surfaces, vinyl, rubber, anodised metal or stickers!

VooDoo Ride All-in One Polish € 9.95

Cleaner / Polish / Sealant

Restores imperfections in the paint.


Do not feel like rubbing for hours to make your body shine? Then you will love this top product; in no time will it remove all imperfections and renew and shine your vehicle!


Say "bye bye *" against your micro scratches, paint spray, matt varnish or oxidized paint!


The formula, based on complex polymers, will form a true shield on your body, by protecting it from all external damage: UV, acid rain, salt, etc.

As a perfectionist, it is a treat to get your vehicle "X-tra shiny" in a simple way!




  • Do a test beforehand in an inconspicuous place to view the result.
  • Shake the bottle well before use.
  • Product to be used on all types of lacquer.
  • Exception: Do not use on matte paint, on porous or unpainted plastic and (sealant) joints.
  • Do not apply in full sun or on a warm body.
  • Preferably use the product with the microfibre X-tra.
  • Operation Cleaner / Polish / Sealant - Removes micro scratches.



Voodoo Ride Metal Polish € 6.95

Anti-corrosion agent.
Chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, tin, silver, ... Be enchanted by our top product without acid, which will give a new life to all your metals!
With one stroke of the magic wand you will be able to say "bye bye" against your stains, oxidation marks and discolouration, and all this by protecting them for water and fingerprints with a protective layer. TOP!



For all types of metal (aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, copper, silver, etc.)


For the exhausts, non-varnished metal rims and metal pieces.



  • Do a test beforehand in a discrete place to view the result.
  • Put a little bit of product on the green side of the microfibre Voodoo Ride® X-tra.
  • Then apply to the surface to be treated and rub.
  • Remove any leftovers with a clean cloth.
  • Repeat the operation until the desired result is obtained.



Voodoo Ride Microfiber cloth € 7.95


For Interior and exterior.
Xtra Strong
Xtra Soft
Xtra Thick
In order to apply the Voodoo Ride top products very effectively, you need an extraordinary microfibre!
X-tra strong, X-tra thick and double-sided, you can use them for both the interior and exterior surfaces.

Attention: the use of this microfiber is ABSOLUTELY recommended for the application of all Voodoo Ride products.

Size: 40x45 cm
Composition: 85% polyester, 15% polyamide


Use exterior:

With the Cleaner / Polish / Sealant: apply the product with the green side and
Shining with the black side.
With the Finishing Wax / Infinity spray: apply the product with the green
Then lace and then clean with the black side.

Use interior:

With the Finishing Wax / Infinity spray: first make the surface dust-free with the
Black lace, then apply the product with the green side.
For all other surfaces use the green side: the windows, the plastic, the leather, the metal, the wood, etc ... to make it shine.
Washable in the washing machine, a Microfiber wash is recommended (available here)

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