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Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax - Wash & Dry Pack

Marke: Turtle Wax
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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Pro Pure Wash with Slick & Slide Polymers is uniquely formulated to provide incredible lather and amazing cleaning power without compromising waxes, sealants, and professional coatings. Using the industry's most effective pH neutral surfactants, Pure Wash easily breaks down road grime and traffic film, has a great scent, and is extremely easy to rinse off.


  • Our smoothest swirl resistant pH neutral wash
  • Thick adherent foam that is easy to rinse and cleans thoroughly without compromising protection
  • Wonderful fruity scent


Wash glove with different types of microfiber. Good fit allowing even more thorough cleaning of the surface. Is safe on all surfaces and easy to clean in the washing machine.


  • Wash glove with different types of microfiber
  • Better contact between hand and surface due to perfect fit
  • Safe to use on all surfaces


Turtle Wax dry and shine ensures a faster drying time and a streak-free result.
Works in conjunction with water to create a super water repellent surface.

Gives an amazing shine and great protection.



Wonder Drying Towel, an amazingly good water absorbent drying towel with twisted loop microfibers. The twisted microfibers reduce the resistance on the paintwork, so that they dry the surface extremely quickly and safely.


  • Size: 50x80cm
  • Weight: 1200gsm (grams per square meter)
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