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Meguiar's - Wash Plus+ 710ml

Marke: Meguiar’s
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Wash Plus + contains a 100% active formula that works similar to a Clay Block and a Compound, removing stubborn dirt and light swirls during washing. In addition, this is a very simple way to wash the car. But because this product is so revolutionary, we thought it would be good to write a small manual on how to best use this product. in three easy steps to improve your paintwork!


Step 1: Spray with water - spray the paint to remove loose dirt.

Step 2: Apply the product to the Wash Mitt - Make sure that the Wash Mitt is wet (using a bucket or garden hose) Before applying a string of product to the Wash Mitt, we want to emphasize that you always wake from top to bottom and so always start with the roof and treat panel by panel.

Step 3: Rinse - Rinse each panel immediately after handling. The car was then thoroughly washed. For stubborn dirt or dull spots, we advise to wash the panel again so that you carefully remove the dirt or dull spots.


Note: Meguiar's Car Wash Plus + not only removes attached dirt such as tree sap and tar, but also some of the wax protection present.


Tip: Use Ultimate Fast Finish after a wash with Wash Plus + to ensure that there is always sufficient protection on the paint. Wash Plus + also works perfectly if the car is regularly near trees or in areas where air pollution is higher.

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