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VooDoo Ride

VooDoo Ride - Wash & Wax XXL

Marke: VooDoo Ride
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Voodoo Ride Shampoo Ultra Gloss Wash & Wax:

Declare war on the dirt with this ultra concentrated premium product!
The devilish formula based on carnauba wax and cleansing surfactants will remove the dirt and greasy layer from your body with an «X-tra glossy» finish.


Attention: an overdose of shine can cause jealousy and envy!


  • Always wash with 2 buckets, 1 bucket with 2-4 caps of shampoo + 1 bucket with rinse water.
  • Good for an average of 35 washes!
  • Cherry perfume.
  • Apply the shampoo using the X-tra Voodoo Ride glove.
  • Rinse with water.
  • Then dry the car to prevent limescale marks.


  • 2000ml
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