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VooDoo Ride

VooDoo Ride - Wheel Package

Marke: VooDoo Ride
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Wheel Cleaner + Tire Gloss (gives a nice matte finish)


Voodoo Ride Tire Shine / Tire Gloss:


  • Very long working!
  • As new and super shiny tires? Go a step further with the most efficient overhead!
  • By adding silicone specific additives, we have created an exclusive formula that will enable optimum protection your band from drying out and crack learning.
  • You will watch your eyes: this amazing product will allow bands like never shine before. Dries very quickly, so no risk of undesired slipping!


Voodoo Ride Wheel Cleaner:

Without Acid degreaser.


  • Before doing a test on a discreet place to see the result.
  • For all types of steel and aluminum wheels in good condition and also suitable for plastic hubcaps.
  • Exception: Do not use on damaged or varnished polished aluminum rims.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Clean one wheel at a time.
  • Spray on the rim, let soak for 30 seconds and then rinse with water, preferably with the aid of a high-pressure cleaner.
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